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Dear Friends First of all, I like to thank You for Your participation to our and Your Parilla Days in Genova. It has been a great emotion for us as organizers. Your presence is gratifying us in our commitment. The heroes of this beautiful event are You only.

The location chosen is Diano Marina, in the province of Imperia. You could think that we move always farer from the daily living areas of all us, however I want to remind You that in the Ligurian Region, the Parilla Company has been a very important presence, regarding the motorcycles circulation. This choice is supported by the quality of the environment. Diano Marina is one of the most fascinating village of Liguria. Our Parilla Days will be seafront, on a very nice promenade. Will be available a reserved and shady parking at mt.50. Hotels and restaurants within mt.100. Our meeting will involve two villages, Diano Marina as exposition and main point of reference, and Diano San Pietro as dislocated reference. This village is situated at Km.5 on the hills, in the midst of olive groves, of which Liguria is the Queen. We can ride our bikes on secondary and safe roads, among hills and olive groves plomb to sea, as long as we like, stopping in the old villages. It will be a unique Experience.

The program could be as follow: 

On Friday 23 June afternoon, we will meet ourselves at Diano Marina, and we will expose our bikes on the promenade seafront. Late in the afternoon, excursion to Diano San Pietro (Diano Borganzo area), with the possibility of a stop and a party inside the garden of the oldest Ligurian oil mill (year 1200). Convivial dinner on the same place, or, as alternative, on the small main square of Diano Borganzo. The small square is charming, church front, and it is fully reserved for us. We will be the stars of the village and we can stay as long as we like. Than we will come back with our bikes or with the accompanying vehicles, to Diano Marina’s promenade.

  On Saturday morning 24 June, after the entries’ registration for the ones arriving on Saturday, at 11 we will leave for a trip of Km.40 (+/-) riding our bikes, or with the accompanying vehicles, stopping halfway for a party, and arriving to San Lorenzo lunch time. On the afternoon, after stopping in the most suggestive villages, we will come back to Diano Marina, and we will line up again our bikes. Convivial dinner at the restaurant ”Al Porto”, mt.50 far from the bikes. The alternative to any bikes’ trip, could be the beach and the swimming, or the visit to Diano Marina village, mostly pedestrian zone, with suggestive shops selling Ligurian products. 

On Sunday morning June 25, a new bikes’ trip, starting at 10,30  for a party on a terrace sea view in Diano Castello village. Transport with our cars for persons without bikes. At 12 a.m. we come back  to Diano Marina. At 13 p.m. Gala Lunch at the restaurant ”Al Porto”. At 15 p.m., delivery of the ”Certificate of Participation” and of the gadgets for all the participants, and regards by the RISP President and the organizing committee.

Best Wishes.


Download: Programme here and Entry Form here.




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