Moto Parilla


GIOVANNI PARRILLA's ancestors were from North of Spain (Basque Provinces), belonging to that historical people living the Iberian Peninsula, characterized by strong contrast of character as well as the landscapes of that country, hard and soft at the same time, divided between stormy seas and quiet beaches, solitary Pirenean valleys, old villages survived over the centuries and architecturally modern cities.

Perhaps the arrival of the first Parrilla in Italy can be placed around the end of the XVI Century, under Spanish domination. We can find the first tracks of the Parrilla dynasty at Longobucco (Cosenza), a small village of Ionian Calabria where this family, coming from Spain, settled and took roots.
We can notice how this name, with his double "R" and "L", confirm without doubt his origin. Parrilla means "grill". This word can also be found inside the racing Grand Prix circuit, when all the racing vehicles are lined up. In Spanish, those are ready on "Parrilla de Salida".
GIOVANNI was born in CORIGLIANO CALABRO (CS) on OCTOBER 21st, 1911. His father, Joseph, born in 1865, was a very special person, resolute and uncompromising, military in the Savoia Cavalry. In the 1916, Joseph, trying to find a better place for the whole family to live, moved to Mantova (North) where is wife's parents were living, and few months later, Joseph, leaved for New York (USA), where one of his relatives offered him a job in a pipe factory, bringing with him Achille (Edward), his second son, 16 years old.

Unfortunately one year later he had to come back to Mantova, because his first son ANGELO, 19 years old, Lieutenant of "ARDITI" in the First World War, died on October 28th, 1918, during an heroic military action, for which he was awarded with the "GOLD MEDAL for MILITARY VALOR".

Moto Parilla


When the family moved to Mantova, Giovanni was just over four years old, so he can be considered a Mantova's citizen. An area strongly imbued with motor racing passion. And this passion engraved on his training. The teens, as You know, are prone to create myths. Inside the dangerous sports, those myths look like Gods. Mantova was a racing cars and bikes' town. Excellent drivers and riders as TAZIO NUVOLARI, GUIDO LEONI, UMBERTO BRAGA, ALFREDO MERICO, as well as BELLINZANI, Compagni, Wertere, Amerigo and many others. One of those riders was followed with great interest. Of course we refer to Tazio Nuvolari. An obvious talent, an infinite courage and an unique attitude that everybody recognized him. Giovanni was one of his fans. The Nuvolari's racing apotheosis goes back to the years 1923/1924, when Giovanni, 14 years old, was enchanted by him.


When Giovanni was 16 years old, after attending a course in electrical engineering, he was put to work as an apprentice in a workshop for cars' electric assistance named "Lucidi and Restagni", very good craftsman workers in Mantova, and they were his first important teachers.
In 1929, once 18 years old, Giovanni moved alone to Milan. He found a job as an electromechanical apprentice in a garage located in Via Podgora, while he found a small flat to rent in Via Argonne, after a complicated period, when he also had to sleep in a public doss house. On March 16th, 1932, he had to perform military service till September 22nd, 1933, and again from April 10th, 1935 to July 21st, 1936.
Giovanni was 25 year old now and he was hoping to be able to decide by himself about his life. He had many ideas about the next, much passion for his work and much valuation about himself. First job was to find in Milan an area to open a workshop for car's electrical assistance. He got lucky and he found a wide shop in Viale Sabotino, 8. The job started very well. He specializes in diesel injection pumps, and in selling trucks' electrical spare parts. Also he became a dealer for important brands such as Bosch and Safa.
From that time, things went even better economically, and he realized he had taken the right decision, encouraged also by the customers' praise, as soon as they could appreciate his ability on working. Some of his important customers were the "State Railways" and the Wehrmacht (German armed forces). But he couldn't forget his motorcycle's passion. As soon as he got enough economic prosperity, he thought that the next step was to start a family.
Giovanni got married on February 27th, 1938 with AMORINA TROIANI, a woman born in Verona on September 16th, 1917. On January 26th, 1939 their daughter GIULIANA was born. Giovanni couldn't dream any better for his life, even if war's echoes were in the air.

Moto Parilla
Moto Parilla


Giovanni was called back to arms in the spring of 1941. It was a question of renouncing everything, postponing many projects to a more favorable time. Giovanni left for AFRICA on May 20th, 1941. Two of the most trustworthy workers remained at the workshop under Amorina's direction.
One year later Giovanni was contracting an infectious disease, and due to it he was sent back to Italy, to be taken care at the military hospital in Milan on May 19th, 1942. He remained hospitalized till July 17.


From 1945, together with the nation's rebirth, it came on the passions, and the most passions for Giovanni were the job, the motorbikes and hunting. To the last one Giovanni was dedicating a short time, while he was thinking more and more to the motorcycles, as much as he did when he was in military service.
At the end of 1945 he got good news from Amorina. She was waiting for the second child. If male child, his name would have been Angelo, as Giovanni's brother died in 1918.